Why Do Businesses Need Online Reputation Management?

‘First impression is the last impression’ – while it may be a cliché, it holds some truth in today’s dynamic business world. With the acceleration of technological change, old way of doing business has become unsustainable for marketers. Today, success of a business is widely governed by the reputation it commands in offline as well as online market.

Companies may have the ‘real world reputation’ of their business sorted but if there are flaws in their online reputation, they are in for some big trouble. Consumers have become promiscuous in their brand relationships. At one time, they are connected with myriad of brands through multiple media channels which is beyond the control of the retailer or the manufacturer.

Besides sharing ideas, they are using the internet to mobilize public opinion about a certain business or brand like never before. The growing expectation for transparency has been keeping companies under the scrutiny of customers, employees, regulators and even activists and NGOs.

Many companies are using the internet for their benefit but only few are protecting their brand from the damage caused by poor online reputation. It is necessary to understand that the ability for companies to control their reputation is limited because brands are built by customers and not companies. One negative comment or review about the company has the potential to ruin the business entirely.

Here are some statistics that might prove positive reputation has become a necessity in today’s digital age:


Restoring stained reputation can be extremely difficult and that is why businesses need effective online reputation management services. With the help of these services by experts, negative publicity is pushed down with a hoard of positive content via SEO techniques. It is ensured that the pages stating good things about the company are ranked ahead of the pages with negative content. Companies also spend money on online reputation management to monitor and manage activities that might have direct or indirect impact on their reputation in future.

This service has become the need of the hour because internet has become omnipotent in today’s fast paced world. Companies shouldn’t underestimate the cost of a poor reputation. Instead, constant efforts should be made to keep the online brand identity under control at all times.

“A Brand For A Company Is Like A Reputation For A Person. You earn reputation by
trying to do hard Things well.”