Great Ways to Quickly Generate Leads


Just as one suit of clothes won’t fit all men, different media and methods have to be tried out to generate leads quickly. According to experts, you must work on those platforms that suit you the best in order to obtain leads. There are a whole lot of options available – check out which will get you new leads and be most effective in your online business campaign.

You’ll get some ideas how to go about it from this article.

  • SEO, PPC and SEM: For B2B service based companies PPC or pay-per-click would pay off. SEO – search engine optimization is another good way to generate leads. When companies require an IT service, they search for it on Google. To make your PPC or SEM – search engine marketing effective use keyword phrases with long-tails. Your search phrases must consist at least of three words.
  • Provide helpful content: The key is not put emphasis on selling. Provide your prospects with useful information. This can be done through blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies webinars, or demos. Y objective must be to earn their trust and thus their business.
  • Customer referrals: Potential customers will pay more attention to referrals made by your customers. Customer referrals are a source of building trust with implied recommendation of products and services. They make potential buyers feel more positive about the company and impact their buying decision. Therefore, use as many referrals as you can.
  • Media coverage: Getting your company’s name in the media will surely enable you to grow a following, and improve your personal brand. But getting a foothold in the media is not that easy. Journalists dislike hordes of PR people haranguing them day after day. So contact a journalist and tell him your story in an authentic way. Don’t send journalists loads of emails. If you pester them, you will be instantly put on their ‘blacklist’.
  • Engaging videos: Use YouTube to upload engaging and entertaining videos. Develop great ideas that promote your business. Use StumbleUpon to get traffic. Have links straight to your video – YouTube will enable you to do this. Then use them to link up to precise landing pages on your site.
  • Strong branding: Today customers love the best companies – or rather companies with a strong brand image. They like companies that have clear and consistent messages on all their across all of their marketing and sales platforms. So, focus on telling your potentials that both your brand image and conversion rates rise leading to more leads.
  • eBooks: Use eBooks to teach people about the industry. Don’t praise your products or services. People need information, so use a neutral approach and provide them with useful insights. Give your visitors the chance to download your eBook, by making provision for them to do it on your landing page.
  • Blog: A blog is a great tool to generate leads. It gives the writer/company a chance to exert total control of what’s written and get the full attention of the readers. Be sure to put a sign-up segment and use the margins to endorse your services and products.
  • Webinars: Webinars are a relatively cheap way to send your message to thousands of likely customers. Many services are available which enable you to transmit a webinar easily. If your webinar is a recurring event, your following will grow.
  • Newsletter: A newsletter is one of the easiest ways to generate additional leads. Put a sign-up for your newsletter in every conceivable place on your site. A newsletter will give you a captive audience and emails are pathways to ensure that you avoid the clutter on the Internet.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an excellent place to discover content, especially for B2B. LinkedIn works entirely for network business persons. There are some complaints against LinkedIn. The expensive clicks and poor conversion rates, for example. People spend time on this media browsing articles and seeking things that are interesting to read.
  • Twitter: Twitter helps you to find and get leads, especially if you are in the mobile business. Use #iphone to find and get leads. Anyway this mobile platform will help you converse with potential customers. If you interact with them, you can lure them to your site.
  • Networking affairs: Even though digital is in, real world advantages exist, particularly when it comes to networking events. These events will provide you with valuable contacts, even if they have no direct relationship with your business.