How To Create A Better Online Experience For Consumers

uxThe consumer is always right. This age-old saying must be your guiding line in your online business. Today, as ever more, the customer is king and his/her sentiment is critical for the brands that you want to sell. You must show them the value of the product you are selling to get success.

If they need it, give your customers a touch point that will facilitate their engagements. Technology holds many prospects, but customers still need to know it, so they are upgraded in these technological matters.

UX –or user experience – is all that the consumer cares for. With increasing mobility in technology customers use their mobile phones first to reach their service providers. Thus your products must be of easy usage, simple, and give customers an effective experience so that they will come back for more.

Create a large data base for yourself and your consumers. The enormous information you get from the preferences and habits of consumers and the analysis you get from huge data means you already have enough research. Analyse the data and interpret what your consumers really want. Give them solutions for their needs.

Here are some tips on how to do your e-commerce business:

  1. Studies have shown that 2/3 of cellphone users in the US make use of their phones to go online. Consequently, firms have to make it easy for consumers to browse, engage and purchase your brand.
  2. Your website loading should be just a few seconds. Your greatest threat is not your competitor; it’s the back button.. Customers won’t hang around a slow loading website. They will go to another website.
  3. To hold on to customers, retailers must optimize their sites to provide maximum performance whether the customer is using a mobile device, desktop or tablet.
  4. Make it easy for customers to navigate your website. Reduce the number of click required to perform an action.
  5. To ensure customer retention, websites must perform well in all devices such as desktops, phones or tablets. Websites must be mobile responsive.
  6. Online customers today require information they are seeking at precisely the time they need it, by swiping a smartphone or tablet or clicking a mouse. Less time performing a transaction online is equivalent to a higher conversion rate.
  7. Invest in high quality website search technology. Results, clicks and search queries give the user feedback, resulting in a personalized experience.
  8. Post enough good quality photos for customers to view and engage with your product. Reviews by customers are highly trusted – a dozen times more valuable than a company’s review. A customer will trust another customer more than the company’s marketing technique.
  9. Less content is sometimes good. .Excess of text, images or videos can clutter the screen and spoil your potential buyer’s shopping experience