The Essential App Series #2: The Absolute Best Writing App We’ve Ever Seen

Rarely an app becomes an instant hit, and such is the case for Grammarly. Launched in 2008 by Ukrainian innovators Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko, Grammarly is an incredibly helpful app that has the mission of making you a better writer. Far behind are the days of Word autocorrect and its sketchy, often inscrutable functioning; in the internet era where full cross-platform integration is key, Grammarly has sorted this vital aspect out in an impressive manner.

Nevermind if you aren’t interested in becoming the next David Foster Wallace: Grammarly is for people that, simply put, hit the keyboard. From routine email to work reports and academic dissertations, every text you write will be improved with the use of this app. It certainly is one of the most ambitious products we’ve ever seen, and it wouldn’t even be worth a mention if it didn’t deliver as it actually does:

  1. The app is great, but the browser extension is vital. Grammarly is available as an app for Windows and MS Office, and as a free browser extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The browser extension might as well be the best add-on you’ll get in a while, since it automatically syncs with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and nearly every other platform that supports writing.
  1. Simplicity for enhanced learning. One of the best things about Grammarly lies within UX: the app goes unnoticed, until a mistake is made. Then, the app will highlight the error, providing word options to fix it. In addition, the app gives precise information about mistakes: for example, if you’ve confused a preposition, Grammarly will let you know about it. Encouraging the acquisition of knowledge instead of limiting the work to making corrections has been a very much needed iteration – until now.  
  1. Personalized feedback. Weekly reports with valuable stats come for free with Grammarly, and enhanced reports are included in the Premium plans. Keeping a close record of mistakes might sound like a shameful thing, but it’s actually very useful – the kind of feedback that reinforces constant improvement in a friendly way. 

If you haven’t tried Grammarly, we highly recommend it. According to the company,  76% of users find writing more enjoyable, 99% of students see improved writing grades, and 85% of users are now stronger writers. The numbers might look like an exaggeration, but rare as it might sound, we believe in them: thanks to Grammarly, we are stronger writers and find the act more enjoyable. Now it’s your turn to give it a try:

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We promise, it’ll be a wonderful, seamless experience. Having an app like Grammarly will improve your daily communications in unexpected ways. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to for more interesting stories and news!