Big Digital Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

The success of digital marketing depends on a number of factors. Some of these issues include your efforts and mental work that you put in devising your success in the digital space, and also knowing what’s being said about your brand.

Everyone knows how effective digital marketing is, especially for reaching out to prospects. Amidst all this, there are some definite pitfalls that entrepreneurs must avoid. These include: a poor or no clear marketing plan, unrealistic expectations, inability to understand prospects, lack of focus and execution, lack of diversity, focusing on multiple social media platforms at the same time, ignoring mobile and video marketing, etc.

In this blog, we shall check out some obvious mistakes that we are likely to make but must avoid.

Mistake #1: Failure to chart clear goals

Proper advance planning is required for organizing consistent and inter-related strategies. But firms fail to chart clear goals and often don’t include an organized marketing plan to chase. This results in waste of effort, time and even prospects.

To avoid this, do your homework. Your brand needs to keep up with its competitors and the marketplace. Update regularly on trending beliefs, both product related and customer demographics. Benefit from a SWOT analysis, streamline your marketing efforts and achieve your goals.

Mistake #2: Multiple social networks

The very first concept that a digital business thinks of is to start with multiple social platforms. But to expand your online presence, all platforms aren’t necessary. Rather, start small. When you’ve just started, you may not be sure which social platform is going to benefit you.

The four main reasons you should refrain from being on all — Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and others — at the same time are because it’s: (1) Time-consuming, (2) Unrealistic, (3) Feedback can backfire, and (4) Not knowing what’s working and what’s not.

To avoid this, the best approach is to choose one or two right channels. Spend time to leverage your customers who frequent these channels. Later on, move on to other channels and add value to your digital marketing.

Mistake #3: Not using cross-channel remarketing

New entrepreneurs usually miss the boat by not realizing the essence of retargeting their existing traffic. Never, or at least not necessarily, do people convert in their first visit or with just one interaction. It is important to call them back. You can do this by using different platforms. Instigate them using different advertising platforms.

Optimized targeting by leveraging potential customers using more than one channel is called cross-channel remarketing. This means you drive existing traffic to your site through Google AdWords, Twitter ads or any other paid campaign. It’s beneficial if you ensure your presence on different channels such as email, display, video, mobile and more. Engaging them in interactions with your brand is imperative.

Mistake #4: Pleasing everyone

You cannot please everyone. Trying to market your brand to everyone can be extremely futile and painful. Targeting a large audience will disrupt your marketing message and result in your getting nowhere. Your brand won’t stand out because your message isn’t tailored to a particular audience.

Actually it works the other way. Each product is targeted at a specific market, so why not yours? Select a narrow audience and craft your digital marketing messages suited to them. This gives your audience an opportunity to understand your brand and its specifications.

Mistake #5: Labour under an assumption

It may be great for your ego that you assume things in digital marketing. But this is not a good way to achieve your business objectives. Ignoring the competitive landscape and disregarding research analytics will adversely affect your overall digital performance.

Before making any assumption, do your research. Make sure your efforts aren’t diluted due to pure assumptions.


It’s clear that you must avid the obvious pitfalls that will hamper your digital marketing endeavours. The five most common mistakes that entrepreneurs commit are listed above. Learn from them to achieve success in your digital marketing efforts.