8 ways to increase your page views


If you run a business or area blogger you would want to get more page views – called ‘hits’ – so that traffic to your site goes up and more visitors read your content/posts. But how can you ensure a steady stream of traffic to your website? Here we’ll discuss constructive ways to increase your page views.

  1. Engaging Content: Your content must be detailed and useful. This includes text, video and images. Rich, substantial content helps to keep your visitor for more time at your site. Also, enable users to leave their comments. Then they will stay for a longer time at your website and the chances that they will see other pieces of your content goes up.
  2. Be Consistent: This has to be the policy for everything on your website. Consistent design elements, same colour scheme and layout on different kinds of content will tell your visitors what to expect and they will also recognize the relationship between two pages.
  3. Test and Improve: Every aspect of your website must run smoothly and be functional. Implement constant test runs and updates. Act on your visitors’ feedback to maintain your site user friendly.
  4. Use Descriptive Title Tags: A descriptive and precise title tag will both get you quality and target visitors from search engines. Title tags should be like titles of chapters in a book. Since they tell visitors and search engines details about your page, ensure that they are descriptive.
  5. Do It Like Wikipedia: Insert internal links to the content using anchor text that is related to your content. Wikipedia articles have such links which readers click to get additional information related to the main content. Do the same on your site.
  6. Sitemap Necessary: A website sitemap is like the index of a book. If you have a sitemap it will make it easy for your visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. They won’t have to sift through a whole lot of pages and user interfaces to find content. If they have to, most of them will just leave your page.
  7. Avoid Pop-Ups: Pop-up ads can be infuriating at times. Delay them, or do away with them altogether. Though they can generate helpful leads, they are likely to irritate readers. People don’t want huge ads disturbing their reading several times.
  8. Add Search Box: You must have a search box all across your website, especially on the pages that have content. What the visitor gets after a search must also be of good quality and related to the query. If your website doesn’t have a search box, visitors may leave it because they couldn’t find any relevant stuff. A search box will provide more relevant information than your default box.